Tutorials and Data Challenges

Learn the technical skills required to work on data-intensive research projects. Most tutorials start with existing content (e.g., from Datacamp, TheTuringWay, or Tilburg Science Hub). Each tutorial also consists of a Data Challenge, which apply the learnt concepts in the domain of marketing analytics.

Available tutorials

Software installation
Install the required software for this course
R Bootcamp
Learn the basics of R and RStudio.
Version Control and Project Management with Git and GitHub
Manage your project professionally, keep track of file changes and apply the end-to-end Git workflow.
Exploring and auditing data with RMarkdown
Learn the basics of the programming language R, familiarize yourself with RStudio, and use your skills to explore new datasets.
Engineering data sets
Apply data wrangling techniques in tidyverse and dplyr, and prepare your data set for analysis.
Pipeline building and automation
Automate workflows and make them reproducible.
Data Management with SQL [Optional]
Data Management with SQL