Workplan and coaching

Workplan and Coaching

You’ll start working on your project – an end-to-end, fully automated research workflow – in the first course week. The activities below help you to structure your project. Stick to the plan to ensure you can finish the project in time.


WeekProject StageWorking onDeliverable/Feedback on
1No team work yetExplore whom you would like to collaborate with (team formation).
2Data ExplorationPick data set and come up with suitable research question, start exploring data using RMarkdown.Register teams on Canvas & Coaching #1 - Grading details → 1.1 (Research Motivation) and 2.1 (Data Exploration)
3GitHubSet up repository on GitHub using the course-dprep organization, initialize GitHub Issues and Project Board (columns “backlog”, and the current sprint’s “to do’s”, “in progress”, and “done”), commit initial with research question and initialize directories, continue exploring and auditing data, and committing files throughout using the command line/terminalCoaching #2 - Grading details → 1.2 (Repository Structure), 1.3 (Way of working using GitHub)
4Data preparationPreparing your dataset for analysis.Coaching #3 - Grading details → 2.2 (Data Preparation), 1.3 (Way of working using GitHub)
5AutomationStart automating your pipeline and refine source code.Coaching #4 - Grading details → 3.1 and 3.2 (Source code quality and degree of automation)
6Analysis and DeploymentRefine source code and analysisCoaching #5/6 - Grading details → 2.3 (Analysis and deployment)
7Wrap-upConduct final housekeeping checksOptional feedback meetings