Technical inspiration

Technical Inspiration

Curious to see what you can build after following this course? Or looking for some ideas how to structure the directory structure of your team project?

Here, we provide some inspiration, based on the creative and/or reproducible work of others!

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If you find a good example, add it via a pull request, please! Curious how? Follow our GitHub tutorial.

End-to-end workflows

Research projects

Documenting data


Automation templates

Analysis templates

Deployment templates



Error handling & starting to code

When you start programming, Google will be your best friend! Next to just searching on Google, there are several websites on which programmers help each other out.

Reproducible science

Also check out the cheat sheets for relevant information to use in your team project (e.g., rendering .rmd files in make, using Shiny apps, Git commands and more!)

Learn SQL

SQL is one of the most prominent ways to extract data from databases - either from research databases, or from companies’ internal databases. As a marketing analyst, it is crucial to learn how to extract data from existing databases. This can be very challenging, because data is not readily prepared (but needs to first be prepared to be extracted). This is made even more complicated because the databases of firms do not consist of a thousand rows, but may include millions or even billions of rows.

In short, learning the SQL language significantly improves your chances to score a good job in the job market. This is an optional tutorial which walks you through the main ideas of SQL. In going through it, try to see similarities and differences with regards to other things that you learn in Data Preparation and Workflow Management.