Team Project

Team Project

Learning Goals

Throughout the course, we have touched upon various phases of the data preparation and workflow management pipeline. In the team project, we bring together all that you have learnt.

Together with your team members, you will

  • set up a reproducible workflow on GitHub,
  • apply the end-to-end Git workflow for versioning files, and manage your project using GitHub Issues, and
  • build and automate a data preparation and analysis pipeline from scratch.

Working on your team project is not only a great refresher on the course content, but especially gives you a better sense of the added value of using Git/GitHub when collaborating with one another, and automation with make with a many source code files.

This project may be different from other projects that you have worked on during your study. In particular, the purpose of this project is not to write an academic research paper, but instead to focus on the infrastructure of working on an academic research paper. More more insights, check the grading guidelines.


Head over to the grading details to understand what is expected from you in each part of this project.



Students can meet the course instructor for feedback during the scheduled coaching sessions (see schedule).

Teams participating in coaching sessions attend the entire session. They typically work together on the team project, and the course instructor will “walk around” (either in breakout rooms on Zoom, or physically) to address students’ questions. There will be approximately 10 minutes per team in total; some teams may prefer to use the entire time at once, while other teams may prefer to ask multiple, short questions over the entire duration of the session.

Use of TeamViewer

  • We use TeamViewer to allow the course coordinator use your mouse and keyboard to debug code during a Zoom session. Please install TeamViewer and be prepared to share your ID and temporary password.

Links to recordings

Deadline & Submission

  • The submitted repository on Github classroom is the team project that will be graded.

  • Deadline: Monday, 25 March (23.59)

Where do I submit my report?

Gotcha! There is no report! The project should self-document itself (e.g., comments in code, makefile), plus you’ll have an amazing README that ties everything together and motivates your project. Make this one shine! :)

Note that we will check out the state of the repository at the deadline date and time, so any changes you make to the repository afterwards are not considered for grading.

Getting started

Kickstart your team project with this data set
Workplan and coaching
What to do, when? Check out the workplan!
Find out how you'll be graded - and optimize your efforts accordingly!
More resources
Discover example projects and code snippets to use for your team projects.