Schedule and Course Material

Schedule and Course Material

The course runs for a duration of seven weeks. Each week starts with an energizing kickstarter, material for self-study, a tutorial, and exercises/activities. Gradually, you will develop your coding skills, enabling you to work productively on your team project.

Click on each course week for details.

  • Please always bring a laptop to class. Lectures and tutorials are not scheduled in computer rooms, but you require a computer to follow the classes. Remember to bring a charger.
Course weekDateTimeLocationContent
Week 0Preparation before the course starts
Week 1Fri 1 Sep12.45-15.30On campusGetting started with R
Week 2Tue 5 Sep08.45-10.30On campusTutorial: Project management and version control
10.45-12.30On campusTeam coaching #1
Week 3Tue 12 Sep08.45-10.30On campusTutorial: Data exploration using RMarkdown
10.45-12.30On campusTeam coaching #2
Week 4Tue 19 Sep08.45-10.30On campusTutorial: Engineering datasets
10.45-12.30On campusTeam coaching #3
Week 5Mon 25 Sep12.45-14.30On campusTutorial: Pipeline automation
14.45-16.30On campusTeam coaching #4
Week 6Wed 4 Oct10.45-12.30OnlineTeam coaching #5
Week 7Mon 9 Oct10.45-12.30OnlineTeam coaching #6
Fri 13 Oct14.45-16.30On campusCourse summary and exam preparation


  • We recommend you view the schedule (and associated rooms) in Tilburg University’s MyTimetable.
  • Login credentials for the live streams will be made available on the Canvas page of this course for students from Tilburg University, and via email to remaining students.
  • If recordings are made, you will find them on Hannes’ YouTube channel. Subscribe to it now to stay up-to-date!
  • If code is shared, you will typically find it on Hannes’ GitHub Gists.