To get an idea of how students of previous editions of this course thought of it, we included some of the main points mentioned in the course evaluation by them below.

About the course

  • Genuinely one of the best courses I have taken. The course material teaches some very valuable skills. I liked the way Pulse was used to have a clear view of weekly to dos, and to keep up with the material.

  • I really liked how the lectures were done and that it was really an addition to the online work you had to do. This complemented each other well.

  • The course was very practical and I quickly learnt new skills.

  • Overall, what I learned was completely new and valuable. The content is up to date, with everyone in the field using these tools.

About the team project and tutorials

  • I really have the feeling that I learned a lot in just a few weeks. I got really excited every time I understood the content of the tutorials, which made me even more enthusiastic to learn more and more. :)

  • I really liked the structure of the course. The overview of what had to be done was really clear. Also the Datacamp tutorials, combined with practice assignments were really helpful in understanding the material. And I really liked the project. Everything that we learned in the tutorials and in the assignments we could use in practice. The project was really well aligned with the course material.

  • Pulse really helped me as an overview of what had to be done for a particular week. Also, the project was fun to work on. It also helped me to use the ‘theory’ and do something with it and get better skills and understanding.